COVID 19 Phase In Plan

Hermitage Church COVID-19 Phase-In Plan

The mission of Hermitage Church of the Nazarene is to know Christ and to live out his life.  Scripture tells us that living out the life of Christ involves loving our neighbors as we love ourselves.  While we are not under government restrictions, we believe that one way we demonstrate love to others in this unique season is by doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  We believe that this is best accomplished by following the guidelines set forth by health care professionals. 

 The following document has been developed to guide the safe re-opening of Hermitage Church for weekly worship.  We acknowledge that there are things beyond are control and recognize that much of our success will be dependent upon individuals within this community of faith placing the care of others before their own personal preferences.  We humbly ask that each person who plans to attend worship services at HCN read the following and commit to do your part in helping us keep our congregation safe. 

All steps are subject to change dependent upon current conditions. 

Phase 1: 

  • Gatherings of 10 or less
  • Gatherings will be limited to those led by a Pastoral Staff team member.  
  • Worship services will be livestream only. 
  • All staff will observe safe practices such as wearing of mask, proper hand-washing, and social distance practices. 

Phase 2:

  • Gatherings for worship in person will begin in Phase 2.  Movement to future phases will be dependent upon status of this local congregation. We will gradually increase to worship gatherings of 100 at which point we will enter Phase 3.      Movement forward or backwards in phases will be dependent upon health statistics. 
  • Gatherings of small groups of 50 or less will be allowed on site on days other than Sunday in Phase 2.  These must go through new procedures for building use.  (Email Pastor Carol Waller at  As we move through the Phases, this will change and updates will be communicated to the congregation. 
  • NextGen Ministries will begin to meet in small groups in Phase 2.    
  • Reservations will be required for worship gatherings until our space no longer requires it. 

Phase 3 :

  • Gatherings from 100 to 175
  • Follow same safety protocol as phase 2
  • Small groups can meet in building at times other than worship service times
  • Registration will still be needed for services

Phase 4:

  • Gatherings over 175 permitted.  Return to 9:00 and 10:30 morning services
  • Follow same safety protocol

Phase 5:

  • We will return to what may seem “normal” with worship gatherings and small groups meeting. 
  • We will continue safety protocol in areas of non-touch access and cleaning products. 
  • Safety Procedures for Sunday Worship Gatherings:
    • Everyone will remain in their vehicles until the welcome sign is out.
    • All doors will be propped open
    • On communion Sundays, elements will be available for personal pickup on the way into the service
    • Offerings will be collected at entry ways in no-touch boxes; online giving encouraged
    • All words will be projected on the screens
    • Chairs in the sanctuary will be spread out.  Family units are asked to leave 3 chairs between their family unit and others. 
    • Masks are encouraged.
    • Temperature stations will be available.
    • We will not provide bulletins.  The service flow will be available on the church app.
    • Safe signage will be posted. 
    • Every surface will be cleaned between services, including all chairs in the sanctuary. 

ReOpening NextGen Ministries

General Notes:

1.  These are the opening weeks of each ministry area.  Once re-opened, each ministry will continue weekly unless cases arise.  If a case arises, that ministry area will be closed for 2 weeks. 

2.  A roster must be kept at every event so that we know who is present in case contact tracing becomes necessary.  All rosters need to be turned into Carol after each gathering. 

3.  For Sunday morning LC and HK, only those with reservations will be allowed to participate. 

4.  All other events must be on the calendar at least 2 weeks prior to event. 

5.  LC will remain only on Sunday mornings until HCN enters Phase 5. 

Sunday Morning Lamb’s Club and His Kids

  • reservations required
  • check-in at bottom of ramp, no entry to hall except for kids or adult volunteers
  • children must be checked in 10 minutes prior to service order to participate in LC or HK worship
  • children will be brought to parents at the check-in station for dismissal

Sunday Evening Livewire  & B1 Gathering:

  • Students will be temp checked before entering
  • Students must arrive between 5:00 and  6:00 p.m.

Wednesday Evening Programming

  • Kindergarten thru 5th grade will meet on playground
  • Parents of K-5 kids will drop them off at a canopy at edge of parking lot.  No one will get out of the car except the child.  Temperature will be taken before child exits the car. 
  • Parents of K-5 kids will pick up their child by 8:
  • LW & B1 students will be temp checked before entering the building and must arrive by 6:30 in order to participate
  • Parents of LW & B1 students will be allowed into the Center lobby beginning at 7:30 but must be temp checked before entering
  • HK and B1 continue Wednesday plan
  • LW – field, Center or upstairs room
    • Students will be dropped off under awning.  Temps taken before entry to building