Welcome To Hermitage Church


HCN Family,

We are so thankful to be able to gather for worship each week.  We have returned to our 9 AM Traditional Service in the Hendershot Chapel, entrance doors 7 & 8, our 10:30 AM Contemporary Service in the Shankle Center, entrance door 1, and our Hispanic Service at 10:30 AM in the Hendershot Chapel, doors 7 & 8.

We are currently back to our regular weekly schedule with the following safety protocol in place for every gathering: 

•In light of the new CDC recommendations and Davidson County’s lifting of the mask mandate, we will no longer be asking that you wear a mask when present at HCN. Thank you for all the ways you have shown love and care to one another in this long season, particularly when you put aside your own personal preferences to care for others. We are aware that there may be some who choose to continue wearing a mask and encourage each person to do what is best for their health.
•On communion Sundays, elements will be available for personal pickup on the way into the service
•Offerings will be collected at entry ways in no-touch boxes; online giving encouraged
•All words will be projected on the screens.  The service flow will be available on our church app. 
Carol Waller
Executive Pastor


How do we create a website that allows the reader to discover just what they need to know about the purpose and vision of Hermitage Church? That is what I wish for this space.

  • I want you to know the Christ who has transformed our lives. We are connected to Him and we are following after Him.
  • I want you to know the church that meets in worship to declare His glory and goodness. It comes in several flavors.
  • I want you to know the community of persons who are gifted and graced for ministry and full of kindness and love for each other.
  • I want you to feel the throb of the missional heart that pushes us into the neighborhood and out into global villages.
  • I want you to witness the ways we care about your children and how we are coveting a generation for Christ.
  • I want you to listen to the Scriptures that are taught and preached with honor and authority.

However you enter the church is really not important. It may be the choir or the band or a Sunday school class or a Bible study or Sunday worship. What is important is that you find your way in and discover your place. What is important is that you connect in relationships. My hand is extended to you. Consider this page your first greeting.

In Christ Jesus