Man is created to worship and Hermitage Church works hard to create the environment for all to experience authentic worship in Spirit and in Truth.  Jesus is worthy of our honor and praise and one of the core essentials of Hermitage Church is worship, in which we experience God’s liberating Spirit and hear from God’s own Words from the bible every Sunday.

With different worship services, Hermitage Church offers an option of more traditional songs in our 9 AM “Traditions” Service in The Hendershot Chapel, or a more contemporary style in our “Celebration” Service  in The Shankle Center at 10:30 AM. Whatever your preference may be, we have an option for you at Hermitage Church.

But worship is more than 1 hour on Sunday morning: we also are committed to equipping and empowering all to learn what it means to walk in harmony with God throughout the week in worship. The first step to getting your life “on track” is to invest your life and experience God’s true love in worship at Hermitage Church.